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Name & Origin

From the Gaelic,
MacNeachdainn (Son of Nechtan, Pure One)


I Hope In God

Gathering or War Cry

"Fraoch Eilean" / "Frechelan"
"The Island of Fraoch"

Clan Song

See "The Rowan Tree" on YouTube


Trailing AzaleaTrailing Azalea


The Scottish CurlewThe Scottish Curlew



Clan Macnachtan Lands

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Dunderave Castle

A History of Clan Macnachtan
"A History of Clan Macnachtan"

Do you have your copy of "A History Of The Clan Macnachtan" yet?

Written and dedicated to CMAW by member James MacNaughton and formatted, edited and published by Red Banner Editor, Peter McNaughton.

Available in North America at and in the United Kingdom at
In Continental Europe you can order the book in Euros (€) at:,, or

Proceeds of the sale of the book support CMAW.  

Clans & Families

 Clan MacNachtan Sept Names 

 The basis of the clan is a family, a principal family together with its offshoots and branches, which are sometimes referred to as Septs.

In Scotland, a clan came to mean a group of families occupying a definite locality -- a particular glen, for example, or an island. These families shared, or claimed to share, their descent from a common ancestor. The head of the group was the living "Representer" of this ancestor and as such he was chief of the clan. To him the clansmen owed loyalty and respect. They accepted his jurisdiction over their daily affairs and responded to his summons in time of battle. The chief, in turn, was the patriarch, the head and leader of the clan. 
In return for their personal devotion to him, he had an obligation to protect his followers and to give help to any of them who were in distress.

"Every person who has the same surname as the chief is deemed to be a member of the clan. Equally a person who offers allegiance to the chief is recognized as a member of the clan unless the chief decides that he (or she) will not accept that person’s allegiance. There is no official list of recognized septs. This is a matter for each chief to determine. But where a particular sept has traditionally been associated with a particular clan it would not be appropriate for that name to be treated by another clan chief as one of its septs."

-- Duncan McNaughton,
The Clan McNaughton: The Most Complete History Ever Written Of This Famous Clan
Albyn Press, Edinburgh, 1977. 

A list of Septs associated with Clan Macnachtan is shown to the right. All entries are the root or "Mac" spelling. More details on this list are available in the Red Banner newsletter.

Clan MacNaughton Sept List

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